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Healers, Coaches, and Mentors:

YOU are shifting the paradigm.

The world is moving away from the "take it or leave it" energy towards your services.

Your work deserves to be seen as a non-negotiable... and is worth so much more than just a single-session "as-needed" dollar amount.

It's time to cultivate the 6+ figure business that reflects the level of transformation you were born to provide.


Is This You?

  • Tired of relying on clients to book single sessions in order to (barely) get paid

  • Can't seem to find your soulmate clients

  • Afraid of sharing yourself on social media or feels uncomfortable with "selling"

  • Feels blocked from the limitless abundance and success you deserve

  • Has several gifts, modalities, and interests but hasn't yet learned how to bring them together

  • Feels lost when it comes to the digital stuff: Not sure how to create a website, online course, instagram, etc

  • Knows you are meant to create deeper impact and transformation

  • Wants to learn reiki 1, 2, and/or 3 and utilize more energy healing modalities in your life

  • I see you. I WAS YOU.

    You are right on the verge of becoming the version of you who has it all.

    You no longer have to do it all alone.

    The truth is, you get to FAST TRACK to the reality where...

  • You create your own schedule doing work that fulfills you

  • Your inbox is filled with ideal clients who are eager to transform

  • You feel a deeper connection to yourself and others than ever before

  • You are confident being seen and working with clients as the EXPERT that you are

  • You make 10k+ months doing what you love

  • If you’re dreaming of creating full-time income with your healing business...

    In a way that is unique to your gifts and energy, allows you to work from anywhere, and deeply impacts more people..


    Clearing your Blocks to Success


    Creating a High Ticket, High Impact Signature Program

    ...and I am here to help you develop yours!

    You are capable of creating incredible impact.

    But to provide high-level support...

    YOU need high-level support.

    The key to success is in aligning your energy and subconscious with high-level business strategy.

    My Clients are Making Huge Impact

    They've all transitioned from single session practitioners to confident mentors

    "I'm finally doing what I'm meant to do"

    Moni went from booking reiki clients every so often, to now booking out monthly reiki trainings, making triple what she was making as a practitioner, and rapidly growing her online community.

    "I went through what I went through to help others heal through the same."

    Micaela went from a reiki practitioner who was offering donation-based sessions, to enrolling clients in a $2k program to help women heal from divorce through reiki, spiritual teachings, cacao, and sound healing. 

    "I get to bring people back home to their soul."

    Annie was tired of constantly chasing people for single sessions, and is now working with soulmate clients and teaching reiki in her $1.5k self-love program.

    This 4 month mentorship gives you every. single. piece of the puzzle that you need to succeed

    Energetic Support

    All the tools you need to completely clear out the limiting beliefs, ancestral blocks, and emotional baggage that are holding you back. Learn reiki, emotion code, breathwork, tapping, law of attraction, and mirror work. 

    Reiki levels 1, 2, & 3 certification included!

    Unlimited Mentorship

    High-level support and feedback from someone who understands your purpose, can guide you through the digital strategy and tools, and will help you clear and heal your energetic blocks at the root. 

    Thorough Curriculum

    The course includes online course modules PLUS all 3 reiki certification courses. The info in the modules is designed to bridge the gap between information and transformation. See the detailed outline of modules below.


    Morgan is dedicated to making sure you are on track with your unique goals and purpose. The weekly group calls ensure you have a place to ask questions and get feedback along the way.

    No B.S. Spiritual Community

    FINALLY a community of like-minded women you can relax into who are also on this path and are dedicated to doing the work. The vibe of women Morgan works with are down to earth, supportive, grounded, witty, and spiritual.

    Virtual Access

    Virtual access to the modules, course materials, and reiki certification courses. So no matter where you take your business, or how long you choose to stay in the mentorship, you can always use the teachings as a reference.

    Hear from my clients

    "My friends and family have noticed a shift in the way I make decisions, go after what I want, and carry myself. This completely changed my life." 

    • Jan, CA

    "This program was everything I never knew that I needed... Morgan has helped me to not only leverage my social media and digital content, but helped me learn how to clear my limiting beliefs.

    • Micaela, CA

    "I just cleared 5 generations of anger from myself and from my ancestors. I feel light as a feather right now. "

    • Teresa, NC

    What your first 6 weeks will look like:

    other pieces of the curriculum:


    Hi, I'm Morgan Mancuso! I created this mentorship because it is THE ANSWER to my own prayers when I was going on 3 years of frustration and feeling lost as a reiki practitioner.

    I grew up in Los Angeles, and if you know L.A., it is not the most nurturing environment for a highly sensitive person.

    I developed limiting beliefs about myself and my sensitivity to energy when I was young, and although I knew I was on this earth to help people, I had no idea how to address the blocks that were holding me back from the business and abundance I knew I was meant for.

    After graduating from UC Davis with a BA in psychology, I took a 9-5 and got certified in reiki right away. Once I found reiki, I knew it was possible to have a business that merged my spirituality and my inclination to help create transformation in others... But after 3 years of hardly any reiki clients, still working my 9-5, and barely making ends meet, I knew there had to be more to the story. I knew I was meant for more. 

    So I made my first THREE BIG investments into business mentorships, subconscious healing journeys, and nervous system regulation sessions, which fast-tracked me into creating my very first mentorship program, and my first 6 figure year.

    After over 40 1-on-1 mentorships of teaching women how to heal themselves and others with reiki, I felt the nudge to go deeper with my work. I realized I was stopping short with what I was providing, and wanted to show women how they too could cultivate 6 figure businesses as heart-centered, spiritual, and sensitive souls.

    So, I merged my love of energy work, my gifts in technology and digital creation, and my passion for facilitating deep transformation, and created Bliss in Business. 

    Through it all, I have always been deeply driven to empower others to remember and connect to their innate ability to heal, and find what makes them uniquely successful. I am consistently inspired and fulfilled by witnessing these awakenings on others’, and connecting like-hearted souls through my classes and offerings. 


    Frequently Asked

    What If I don’t have any experience?

    No worries! Wherever you are on your journey is the perfect place to be! I break everything down so simply that whether you are just a beginner with 0 clients, or you've been in the space for a while, this will accelerate your success and growth. In a lot of ways, being a beginner is better! You also have access to all levels of reiki (dripped out one level at a time) to learn at your own pace as well. 

    How much does this cost?

    I've talked to A LOTTTT of mentors and business coaches who say never to post your prices online because it "scares people away".

    That being said, for ANY high-level mentorship program such as this one, you can usually expect to spend between 4-10k. This program is priced very reasonably in the low end, and I offer payment plans and credit options to make it accessible for everyone who chooses to commit. 

    I do not believe in "can't afford". You can either choose you will invest or choose you will not.

    What if I can't make the group calls?

    All group calls are recorded and posted in the private Facebook group for members of the mentorship. The private Facebook group is where members can communicate with one another, post wins, and ask questions.

    What happens after training ends?

    You will have lifetime access to the course curriculums inside the program! There will also be an opportunity to continue with the group mentorship.

    Do you have any guarantees?

    You and you alone are responsible for your results. I CAN guarantee that if you implement the teachings, work on your energy and mindset daily, and don't give up, YOU WILL see results. I can also guarantee that I will support you with energy and strategy to the best of my ability the whole way through! Also, if you are not vibin' with the program within the first 15 days, you can cancel your enrollment.

    Can I join at any time?

    This mentorship is open enrollment, but the amount of active mentorship members are capped at a certain number to ensure each person receives the high level individualized energetic and strategic support they deserve. Please reach out to Morgan to jump in to an open spot or be put on the waitlist.