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Ready to Activate the Healing Energy in Your Hands?

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This workbook is for you if...

  • You are curious about reiki and want to try it

  • You know you have strong energy in your hands and you want to learn how to activate it

  • You're excited to try reiki and use it daily

  • You want to develop your confidence guiding sessions

and you desire to...

  • Lead Transformative Sessions: You aim to guide your clients through profound, life-altering changes.

  • Confidently Price Your Worth: You want to set your pricing in alignment with the value you provide.

  • Create Space for Healing: You seek to foster environments where clients can find balance and growth.

  • Transform Your Belief Systems: You are ready to cultivate the mindset of a leader and business owner.

    What's Inside...

  • Successful practitioner mindset

  • Reprogram limiting beliefs

  • Calling in clients step-by-step

  • Pricing and packages formula

  • Explaining reiki to skeptics

  • Guiding your sessions step-by-step

  • Reiki session hand positions

  • Waiver + intake form

  • Reiki session notes

  • Reiki business setup checklist

About Morgan

I got certified in levels 1 and 2 in a woman’s living room ONE DAY… and I left that night with my piece of paper saying I was certified, but without any tangible tools or further support on how to make this my life, let alone start a business 🥲

I felt like an imposter, I felt underprepared, I felt like I had no idea where to even begin. This was so important to me, but I had no idea how to start, and it kept me stuck for an entire year.

I became a reiki teacher and mentor to guide souls through their reiki journeys, and help them achieve their goals with the practice. I created this workbook for my students and am excited to now offer it to YOU... the practitioner who was like me: with a big vision, just needing a little guidance

Quick results are standard in my world...