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Thanks for your interest in RBA! This course is designed to get you your first 2 high ticket clients in your reiki business in 90 days

The world is shifting fast. People are waking up at a rapid rate; the people you are meant to help are seeking YOU.

If you here, you most likely share my mission of raising the consciousness through reiki.

I created Reiki Business Academy to be the exact formula you need to start facilitating the deep impact AND income you're meant for. No more plateaus, no more guesswork, no more feeling alone in this.

With this online course, my sole intention is to help you grow a deeply impactful and profitable healing business. Because I know that if I can change your life in RBA, then that means you get to impact hundreds of your soulmate clients’ lives... and I LIVE for that impact.

Jenel went from having a hobby that barely paid her...

to making over $17k in her healing business

in just 4 months

Here is what you'll work on inside of RBA...

Step 1: You'll create your reiki-infused offer

That is 8-12 weeks and is a no-brainer for your soulmate clients to say "hell yes" to. You'll also build it out so your clients get real results, stick around, and continue to pay you. No more chasing 1 off sessions!

Annie started in RBA struggling to book $85 consistent clients. Now she is enrolling clients in her reiki-infused offer that pays her over 1.5k, and allows clients to fully transform.

Step 2: You’re going to learn how to document, not create

Most coaches focus so much on speaking to their “ideal client” avatar when they share on social media that they miss the boat on documenting their lifestyle, energy and authenticity.

Receive the simple frameworks that allowed content creation to become effortless for Micaela, who documented her healing journey through breast cancer and divorce to create a tribe, and set her apart in the space .

Step 3: Get in conversation with your soulmate clients

Proven lead generation systems designed to magnetize and sell clients. You’ll learn to build a community around your work with powerful soul-led DM scripts that connect with their deep desires, and activate them into “hell yes” energy, so you can start booking 4-5 calls per week.

You’ll use the exact step by step DM script Deb has been using to completely book out her schedule with new clients in her current 1 on 1 program.

Step 4: You’ll shift your identity, and embody  your powerful entrepreneur energetics and mindset

Step into your authority. Learn how to simply clear your subconscious blocks and trapped emotions that are blocking you from success, even inherited ones just like Teresa did.

Confidently coach your clients, have boundaries in your business, and powerfully bust through any lack, fear or rejection mindset blocks.

Step 5: You’ll sell from the SOUL

I’ll be giving you easy to follow DM + phone script and a smooth sales process that will activate your soulmate clients into action, and have them commit to you and their journey right then and there.

You’ll also learn how to overcome objections just like Claire did, such as “now is not the right time” or “I need to check my finances”, so your conversion rate skyrockets.

Step 6: Focus on income-generating activity

Part of laying the foundation for a successful life-long business is knowing exactly when and how to get an influx of income in your active community. A lotttt of entrepreneurs are super BUSY in their business, but not PRODUCTIVE. 

Jenel RAN with the income-generating strategies in RBA, and powerfully activated her audience to take action and saw 4-5k+ consistently month after month in RBA.

RBA Curriculum:

    Know exactly how to generate full-time income in your reiki business step-by-step. 

"What If I'm a beginner?"

You’re in the right place! As long as you are a certified reiki practitioner and/or certified reiki master teacher with at least a few sessions under your belt, this is for you.

"What if I'm not tech savvy?"

I'm your gal. I love that I’ve been able to break down some of the most confusing digital tools for my tech-challenged AND tech-savvy clients to learn, and be able to gain confidence to take their business online..

and if you ever need extra support, I’m always down to create a training for you!

“I’m an introvert/ uncomfy on camera”

Most of us have a fear of rejection and/or are introverted. It’s something I myself have had to work through, and have coached hundreds of clients on as well. Expect to get outside your comfort zone consistently in this program.

This is where the energetics, group support, and mindset in this program comes in big.

"How much time will it take to learn and implement each week?"

You can get started and see results in as little as 5 hours per week. Each week is designed to have some training (about 1-2 hours per week) and 3 hours of you taking action. If you have more time, it's recommended, but 5 hours is enough to move forward.

"How long is the program?"

Reiki Business Academy is self-paced, and you can see results in as little as two weeks.

I designed the program as an intensive kick-start to see an influx of clients in your reiki business, along with SUSTAINABLE strategies so you can make your full-time healing business your immediate AND long-term reality.

"Is there any live coaching?"

This is a self-study course with no live coaching. If you would like to get 1 on 1 coaching from Morgan, DM or send an email to [email protected]