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What my clients are saying...

A few of the incredible souls I have gotten to work with.

"My friends and family have noticed a shift in the way I make decisions, go after what I want, and carry myself. This completely changed my life." 

  • Jan, CA

"I always had this awareness of energy, I just didn't know how to control it. I didn't think I could feel that energy transfer virtually but it was incredible."

  • Shiraz, NC

"I'm on week 4, and I'm feeling amazing. I have so much energy. I just feel good, and it's been so long since I've felt this way."

  • Leslie, CA

I recently had a reiki session with Morgan it was such an unexpected deep and personal experience. Morgan knew exactly when and how to hold space for the energy of emotional and physical healing that needed to move through me. Morgan is a true practitioner. Her open heart, skill level and inner guidance will provide anyone, ready for the power of true healing, to shift in a way that is both unexpected and powerful! Thanks Morgan!


Morgan did my first reiki session ever. Not only that, but because of COVID, we had to do it virtually. Long story short, do not let physical distance stop you from having an online reiki session. Morgan listened to everything that these past few months have brought up for me and created a wonderful meditation to ground me and open me up. When she hung up and started doing reiki, I could feel her energy right there. I wish I could explain what I felt during that hour, but it is hard to put in words. Powerful comes close. Since then, I have noticed such a drastic shift in my day to day. She truly opened me up and cleared space in my body to propel me to continue doing my own inner work. There is no longer the same resistance that I had a month ago. Now there is trust, excitement and a whole lot of gratitude. Thank you Morgan for being such a light in this world and sharing your energetic touch with me. I am so grateful to have met you and to have you as a friend.


Last night Morgan practiced distant reiki energy healing. I struggle with the joint pain and insomnia that comes with SLE (Systemic Lupus) and Fibromyalgia. Morgan was able to tap into energy channels to provide a lot of relief. I slept better last night than I have in years. I also woke up with a sense of peace and ease. During these scary COVID times, it’s difficult to find restful and calm energy when there is so much suffering going on in the world. Through Morgan’s energy work, she was able to provide both physical and mental peace. I recommend having a session with Morgan, even if it’s through a phone call or FaceTime. She has a gift in channeling healing energy and I feel very lucky to have experienced it. Sat Nam


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Morgan is a true healer. Her grounding and present energy created a safe space for me to open up which is healing in itself. Before the reiki, She was able to distinguish exactly what I needed on an energetic level to help me not only get back into balance, but to uplevel in my spiritual growth. Throughout our session I felt myself release so much stuck emotion that was effecting me on such a deep level. I felt so safe and nurtured that I was able to fully let go and relax which can be hard for me! Thank you Morgan for your magic touch it was an amazing experience.


I truly enjoyed Morgan’s distant Reiki session. Morgan is friendly, kind, and a skilled Reiki Practitioner who puts immense care and thought into her sessions. At the start of our session, she held a beautiful guided meditation to help me ground, relax, and feel comfortable in my body. During our session, I could feel the tension I had been carrying in my arms the past months finally release. Even after the session, I could feel the energy continue to shift and felt a sense of relief in the days that followed. I highly recommend her distant Reiki sessions and look forward to having more with her in the future! Thank you so much Morgan!


Morgan held such a safe and loving grounded space for me to receive reiki. She is a powerful healer and whenever I am receiving Reiki from her I feel it being activated within my entire body. She is so intuitive and makes sure to provide a space of unconditional love and support for you to heal. Her presence is beautiful and full of life. I can always feel my body open up energetically during sessions with her. I always leave feeling so grounded and in my body. It’s amazing journey to be on and with Morgan’s support, I am even more grateful!!

I recommend reiki with Morgan for it will shift the way you feel within your own body! Her distant reiki sessions are also a plus being able to have an option to do it in the comfort of your own home


I had major anxiety during a recent flight and used Morgan's reiki-infused guided breathwork audio. It worked instantly and I was able to relax."