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Uplevel Your Energy


Master my simple healing methods to locate and clear your energy blocks







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Here's What You'll Discover Over the 3 Days...

    Day 1: Feel & Locate Your Energy 

    October 8 6PM PST

  • Master my quick 3-Step Process to locate stagnant energy in the body 

  • Guided reiki session facilitated by reiki master Morgan Mancuso

  • Open Discussion and Q&A

    Day 2: Clearing Your Energy

    October 9 6PM PST

  • How to clear out emotions and memories that are trapped in the body

  • Guided breathwork and reiki session

  • Open Discussion and Q&A

    Day 3: Upgrade Your Awareness

    October 10 6PM PST

  • Learn how to use meditation and visualization to enhance your intuition and upgrade your body

  • DNA reiki session to upgrade and heal your DNA

  • Open Discussion and Q&A

Hi, I'm Morgan!

I am a reiki master teacher, and an energy transformation facilitator. 

I believe one of the most important parts of our journey as humans is our healing journey. 

After learning about reiki at the end of my time in college, I immediately knew energy healing was my calling, and this set me on a path of my own healing, finding true self love and diving head first into deep self discovery. 

I intuitively work with each person's unique energy to move through physical, emotional and spiritual blockages. I have now expanded my practice to empower others to go deeper into their healing, by bridging the gap between simply learning reiki, and making it a lifestyle. 

It is my greatest joy to be a witness to healing and transformation, and to empower others to know that we are all our own best healer. 

Now, I am sharing some of the tools I wish I'd had before I learned reiki to understand how to connect with my energy deeper, locate my stagnant energy, and clear my blocks in this free workshop. 

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I always knew I held strong energy within my hands, but I felt the tingling sensations and the heat in my palms more than ever before, I was really connected and aware of what was coming up, my thoughts, very clear words, emotions, and your guidance was so beautiful and articulate, I dropped in super fast, and I could feel you really strongly help me move energy.

As I activated the energy it felt like there was a thick ball between my hands and It’s like I met a whole new part of myself tonight Thank you for holding this beautiful space.